Solidifying the states concern for investment, the investment authority has been promoted to become a ministry by means of the Presidential Decision No. 24 for 2002

  The ministry of investment is accountable for formulating strategies, policies, goals and programs aimed at developing local and foreign investments in Sudan.

  The specialization areas of the Ministry of Investment as determined by the Presidential Decision No. 24 are summarized in the following:

   -Executing strategies, policies and priorities of investment

   -Execution of the investment encouragement act

   -Preparation of federal and state investment maps

   -Improving the investment climate and facilitating procedures

   -Develop investment promotion systems

   -Monitor and evaluate the execution of investment policies

   -Work to attract national and foreign investments

   -Aim investment at the infrastructure

   -Undergo tasks assigned to it by the Council of Ministers aiming at promoting the investment climate

The ministry is made up of the following departments:

   1-General administration for projects and information

   2-General administration for promotion and investor services

   3-General administration for coordination and monitoring

   4-General administration of financial and administrative affairs

 This in addition to other branch departments:

   1-Planning and states affairs administrations

   2-External Relations and Southern States administrations

   3-Legal Administration

  The Ministry of Investment provides services to investors among which the following are the most important:

   1-Issue investment licenses through the One Shop Stop system in ample time

   2-Furnish investors with information necessary to invest in Sudan

   3-Provide target parties with promotion material

   4-Promote investment in Sudan and strengthen economic relations with other nations through exchanging visits, delegations and participation in conferences, workshops and economic forums

   5-Develop and maintain relations with international organizations and corporations and governments of other nations so as to develop investment and facilitate exchange of information

   6-Organize and host workshops and forums for investors in order to introduce them to the advantages of investing in Sudan.

 The Unified Outlet System (One-Stop-Shop)

   1-The unified outlet system was applied in the Ministry of Investment through bringing together under one ceiling all concerned parties such as the Land Authority, Customs Authority, Tax Chambers, Commercial Registrar, Ministry of Agriculture, and others.

   2-Receives the license applications and technical and economic feasibility studies

   3-Issue a preliminary agreement after obtaining the concerned technical committees agreement

   4-Issue a final license within 72 hours of receiving complete documents including concessions, exemptions, and facilities granted to the investors

   5-Assign land within the industrial zones to industrial projects and facilitate issuing a construction license

   6-Issue licenses for the import of the project's needs in accordance with a list of specified needs.


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