Geographic properties:


  Sudan lies in the north-eastern part of the African continent between latitudes 4N and 23N and longitudes 22E and 38E. Sudan is neighbored by 9 African countries all sharing borders with Sudan and they are Egypt, Libya, Chad, The Central African Republic, Democratic republic of The Congo (Zaire), Uganda, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. Sudan is also neighbored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which lies across the Red Sea; Sudans only sea outlet, and on it are all of the seaports which are also considered outlets for a number of neighboring countries.


The climate varies from semi-desert climate in the north to savannah in the centre and equatorial rainy in the south. The temperature varies from 45C as the highest and 6C as the lowest.

C-Sudan's' area is 2.5 million square kilometers (approximately 1 million square miles).

D-Population: the population of Sudan for the year 2002 is estimated at 32,769,000 inhabitants according to the estimations of the Central Bureau of Statistics. 69% of the population works in agriculture whereas the remaining practice various activities.

Social and Cultural Aspects

A-Religion: Islam is the religion of the majority in Sudan, followed by Christianity which is very common in the southern states of the country. This is as well as other religions which exist in small percentages.

B-Language: Arabic is the official language of the state and it prevails in different areas of Sudan. English is used in some official and educational contexts. This is beside another number of local dialects.

C-Social Composition: Sudan has three basic ethnic groups:

- The Arab group: live in the northern and central areas and parts of the north east

- The African and Negro ethnic groups: live in the south and part of the north west areas

-Bija tribes: live in the east of the country

   Sudan is characterized by diversity in societies and cultures. The number of        tribes in Sudan is estimated at 957 tribes of which 115 have their own dialects.

   Time: + 3 hours GMT

    Official working hours

   Summer: 07:30 am to 2:30 pm

   Winter: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

   Weekends and official holidays  

- Friday is the official weekend all over the country

- The weekend in the southern states is Sunday

   Festivals and Official holidays:

- Aladha Festival: 9-12 Thul Hija

- Birth of the Prophet: 12 Rabie Al-Awal

- Israa and Mirag: 27 Rajab

- Al Fitr festival: 1 Shaban

- New Hijri Years day

- Christmas: 25th December

- Independence Day: 1st January

- National Salvation Revolution Anniversary: 30th June 



- Investors are granted entry visas to Sudan at the port of arrival, thus facilitating their entry into the country. The duration of the visa is one month.

- The investor must present a valid passport at the port of Arrival.

- The investor must provide proof of himself as an investor, businessman or ties with a currently investing party.

- The investor must present himself to the National Administration For Immigration to be registered as a foreigner before any procedures of visa renewal can be completed.

- Investors may also obtain entry visas from Sudanese embassies, consulates or diplomatic missions abroad.  


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