Processing Gum Arabic


Gum Arabic is one of the most important cash-generating export crop in Sudan. It is one of the best of its type in the world. The project aims at processing gum Arabic, locally, to improve exports and benefit from the value-added.

-         The sites producing gum Arabic in Sudan:

-         Kordofan region                             49.3%

-         Kassala region                                            24.4%

-         Darfur region                                              23.4 %

-         White and Blue Nile region                         2.9%

-         The proposed sites for erecting the project:

Near the production collection regions.

-         The productive capacity: 4000 tons per year.

-         Methods of gum Arabic processing:

-         The mechanical method.

-         The method of sprinkle drying.

-         The mechanical Method:

-         Preliminary cleaning unit.

-         Air cleaning and sorting unit

-         Breaker.

-         Refining mill and granules production mill.

-         Conveyor belts.

-         Packing unit with weighing machine.

-         Quality control laboratory.

-         Electrical control panel.

The sprinkle Drying Method Equipment

-         Dissolving container.

-         Sifters with various openings.

-         Sedimentation cylinder and the solution concentration cylinder.

-         Drying and spraying unit.

-         Cylinder drying unit.

-         Solar energy unit for heating water.

-         Cleaning and sorting unit.

-         Quality control laboratory.

Area : Estimated at 800 m2 ; as follows:-

144 m2             Production hall.

280 m2 First cleaning shed.

48 m2               Second cleaning shed

250 m2 Stores

75 m2              Offices + utilities 

Invested capital             :           US $ 6.628.032

Operating capital          :           US $ 192.247 

Fixed Assets                 :           US $ 150.735

Net profits                    :           US $843.561

Profitability                   :           10 %


Period of Re-imbursement :       2 years

Raw Materials : gum Arabic – packing materials (Jute sacks)


Contact Address:

Investment Department,

Federal Ministry of Industry

Tel : 0249183777770


The Processing of Basic Chlorine


The Sudan is distinguished by its Red Sea shore, which provides salt. This encourage the establishment of a basic chlorine plant for the production of the following:-

-         Caustic Soda: which is used in numerous industries, such as, textiles, industrial detergents, soap, edible oil refining and other industries which benefit from the characteristic of bleaching of the caustic soda.

-         Chlorine: Which is used in many fields; such as, the water purifying and sterilization networks, the sewerage system networks and several other uses which benefit from the characteristic of chlorine as a disinfectant and insecticider.

-         Hydrochloric acid (HCL): which is widely used as a multi-purpose acid. It is also used in large quantities for purifying the calcium carbonates from the bottom of oil wells and in petroleum refineries.

-         Sodium hypochlorine: Which is used in the Weaving and spinning industry; and other purposes which benefit from its characteristic as a bleacher and pesticider.

-         Productive capacity:

·        Caustic soda                             5 tons/day.

·        Chlorine                                               5 tons/day.

·        Hydrochloric acid                                 5 tons/day.

·        Sodium Hypochlorine               5 tons/day.                  

-          Invested capital    US $ 2.700.000

-         Raw materials:

-         Sodium chloride.

-         Phosphoric acid.

-         Soda dust.

-         Hydrochloric acid.

-         Electricity.

-         Man-power:

35 (direct and direct labour).

-         Area of plant:   6560 m2.

-         Location : It is preferred that the project shall be close to salt sources (i.e. Eastern Sudan.).

-         Project’s Product users:

-         Edible oil plants..

-         Petroleum fields.

-         Weaving and spinning plants.

-         Water distribution networks.

-         The average imported amounts during the last three years:-

2000 tons


-         Contact Address:

The Investment Department,

Federal Ministry of Industry,

Tel: 0249 183 777770


Assembly and manufacture of

Solar Energy Equipments


God endowed the Sudan with a climate of less clouds and much sunshine throughout the year, therefore the Sudan is considered an ideal place for the system of transferring the light of the sun to electricity.

The Invested capital:   673653000 Sudanese Dinar

Machineries and Equipments:

-         Assembly of Solar cells.

-         Liquid batteries.

-         Tools and Equipments.

Total cost of Machineries and Equipments:

122,000,000 Sudanese Dinar

Cost of raw materials for One Operational year:

150,000,000 Sudanese Dinar

Recovery Period:       Two years

Contact Address:

Department of Investment ,

Federal Ministry of Industry

Tel: 0249183777770

Calcium  Carbonate Manufacture 


The lime stone is composed of the matter of calcium carbonate which could be grinded and purified for the extraction of pure powder of calcium carbonate, which is used in filling the plastic pipes and the plastic utensils, and also it is used in the production of insecticides and tooth paste, in addition to its use in cultivation and animal husbandry.

The proposed productive capacity:   20 ton/day.

The Investment Capital:  1,500,000 US Dollar.

The raw materials:  Lime stone

The volume of employment:  450 direct and indirect employees.

The establishment area:  The total area of the project is 35,000 m2.

The Location:  It is preferable to establish  the project near the areas where the raw materials are available and they are: Gabalain province, ‘Gabalain ‘town’ Atbara town, Sennar, Jabal Marra and any areas where the lime stone is discovered.

The Users of the Production:

-         Plastic pipes production Factories.

-         Plastic house utensils production Factories.

-         Insecticides poweder production factories.

-         Tooth paste production factories.

-         The farmers.

Average of the Imported quantities during the last three years:214tons

Contact address:        Investment Department:

The Federal Ministry of Industry,

Tel: 0249183777770


Concentrated Feed Manufacture

Introduction: The concentrated feed are protein and hydrocarbonic materials produced from the agricultural and processing remains and they wore divided into:

(a)      Animal feed: They use the residues of legumes. Couch grass straw, Durra reeds, rice straw, residues of oil seeds like cotton seed, peanuts husks sesame sunflower, beans and the retuse of sugar factories such as Mollas, bugas and cane heads.

(b)     Poultry feed: Contains fish powder, meat and bones powder and other animal remains like blood in addition to some materials used in Animal feed.

The targeted market: To cover the local market and exportation to the African and Arab countries.

The Productive capacity:

The proposed: 15,000 ton/year

The invested capital: estimated USD 1,550,000

The raw materials: Oil cake of cotton seed, wheat bran, bugas, Molas, pea-nuts husk, Dhura stalks, Calcium carbonates,

Table salt and vitamins.

The Premises area:   2200 m2

  The Working force:  35 direct and indirect workers.

Average of imported quantities during the last three years:3503tons

Contact Address:       Investment Department

Federal Ministry of Industry.

Tel : 0249183777770


Gold Processing Project

Umm Nyardi Mine

Location:   North Wadi Half town

Annual Mining Capacity: 

The Project target the mining and processing of 700 Kilograms annually.

Investment Costs:  about USD 90 millions, Annual costs of production. USD 2.5 millions.

Annual Sales Returns:  USD 7 million, net profits : USD 4.5millions.

Financial indicators:  Net profits ratio to sales : 64%

Capital Recovery Period : about two years.

Contact Address:       Investment Department

River Nile State

Tel : 0211822557


Glass Production Project

Location of the Project:  Mattama Area

Mining capacity:  150 ton/per day

Project sales returns : Amounts to 17,4 million us Dollar.

Annual Production costs for the entire project:

Amounts to 9.1 million us Dollar

Financial indicators: Net profits ratio to the sales: 52%, Net profits ratio to the investment 37%

Capital recovery period:  Two years


Contact Address:       Investment Department

River Nile State.

Tel : 0211822557


Iron Extraction Project

The proposed Location:  Bigrawiyya area

Raw materials: The raw iron belt which was formely expolcted by the pharaohs exist in the Bigrawiyya belt area with quantities not less than
750 million tons.

The targeted productive capacity: amounts to USD 100 millions.

Annual cost of production: amount to USD 362 million

Sales returns: amounts to USD 550 million

Annual net profits:  amount to USD 100 million.

Financial indicators:

Net profits ratio to Sales                       : 34%

Net profits ratio to investment   : 100%

Capital recovery period:  One year

Relative advantages of the project: Electricity is considered the principal element in the costs of production as the project needs annually 3000 megawatt/hour.

The establishment of Kajbar reservoir will make available the electrical energy to this project.

Note: The establishment of the project requires the execution of geological surveys to determine the reserve volume.

Contact Address:       Investment Department,

River Nile State:

Tel : 0211822557


Ceramic and Porcelain Production Project

Location of the project:         South Matamma.

The targeted productive capacity:

The project aims to produce 3,000 m2 annually.

Cost of Investment: The volume of the required investment is estimated around 31,7 millions US Dollar.

The return of the project’s annual sales:  63 million US Dollar.

Costs of Production: A sum of 48,9 million US Dollar.

Annual net profits: 14.1 million US Dollar.

Financial indicators:

Net profits ratio to sales                        : 17.4

Net profit ratio to investments   : 32.2%.

Internal return average :  39.6%

Capital Recovery Period:  3 years

Contact Address:       Investment Department

River Nile State,

Tel: 0211822557


Cement Production Project

The proposed Location: Five factories will be established as follows:

·        Two factories in west Berber area.

·        One factory in Abu Hamad area.

·        One factory in Ebiediyya area.

·        One factory in Atbara town.

The designed productive capacity for each project:

Each project aims to produce 325,000 ton cement/year.

Investment for each project:

The Total investment cost:  55,1 million US Dollars.

The annual project sales, ‘ for each project’.

The project gross return when it works with full capacity: 

29.2 million US Dollar.

Annual cost of production: 10.2 US Dollar.

Annual total profit for the project :  19 million US Dollar

Financial Indicators:

Net profits ratio to the Sales                  = 65%

Net profits ratio to the investment          = 35%

Period of capital Recovery:  Three year

Contact Address :                  Investment Department,

River Nile State

Tel : 0211822557


Mica Production Project 

Location of Project: El-Shriek – River Nile State

Targeted productive capacity :  200 ton/day.

Investment Costs : 2.5 million US Dollar.

Annual Sales return : 1.2 million US Dollar

Costs of Production: 0.6 million US Dollar.

Net profits ratio to the Sales                  = 34%

Net profits ratio to the investment          = 100%

Capital recovery period: 3 years

Contact Address :      Department of Investment

River Nile State

Tel : 0211822557


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