Objects of encouragement of investment

6. This Act targets encouragement of investment into such projects, as may achieve the objects of the development policy, and the investment initiatives, on the part of the Sudanese and non-Sudanese private sector, the co-operative, mixed and public sector. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, it aims at encouragement of investment into the projects of any of the fields set out in section 7.

Fields of investment

7. This Act encourages investment, into the fields of agricultural, animal and industrial activities, energy and mining, transport, communication, tourism and environment, storage, housing, contracting, infrastructure, economic, administrative and consultative services, information technology, education, health, water and culture and information services and any such other field, as the Council of Ministers may specify.

Discrimination between projects prohibited

8.(1) For the purposes of this Act, no discrimination shall be made between invested money, by reason of its being local, Arab or alien, or by reason of its being public, private, co-operative or mixed sector.

(2) No discrimination shall be made between such similar projects, as may be specified by the regulations, with respect to granting privileges or guarantees.



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