Title and commencement

1. These Regulations may be cited as the, " Investment Encouragement Regulations, 2000" amended 2003, and shall come into force, as from the date of signature.

Revocation and saving

2. The Investment Encouragement Regulations, 1990 shall be revoked; provided that all the licences and measures, taken there under, shall remain in force, until revoked, or amended .


3. In these Regulations, :-

(a) the words and phrases, set out therein, and interpreted in the Investment Encouragement Act, 1999, shall have the same meanings assigned therein thereto ;

(b) unless the context otherwise requires, :-

"Act", means the Investment Encouragement Act, 1999;

"Federal project", means every project, the site of the facilities of which extends for more than one state, a foreign investment, or joint with foreign parties, works under licences from foreign companies, or established, under a special agreement, with the Republic of the Sudan, or that the project is established on investment in the federal natural resources;

"State project", means, other than the federal project, such project, as the site of the facilities of which may be in the state, and works according to a licence granted, in accordance with the provisions of the Act, and these Regulations, in the state.



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