Bases of Follow-up of the Project

Control safeguards

24.(1) An investor shall supply, the Ministry and Competent Ministries, with a specific time programme, to execute the licensed project, within six months, of the date of issue of the licence.

(2) An investor, in addition to the obligations, provided for in the Act, shall abide at all the stages of executing the project, by the following, to :-

(a) supply the Competent Ministry, with elaborate progress reports of the time programme, every six months; provided that such reports shall include data on the steps taken, and such impediments , as may have faced the execution (if any) and the amendments consequential to the same, to the programme;

(b) enable those deputed by the Ministry, the Competent Ministry or the State Ministry, as the case may be, to visit the project site, to get acquainted with the stages of the execution thereof, and their perusal of such data and documents, as may enable them to perform their tasks, and submit a detailed report thereon, to the Minister or the Competent Minister or the State Minister.

(3) The Competent Ministry shall prepare periodical reports, on the progress of executing such projects, as may be licensed, and submit the same, to the Minister, including the recommendations thereof, about the continuity of validity of the licence, or any other recommendations.

(4) There shall be presented, to the Ministry, during the period of validity of privileges and facilities, a copy of the projectصs annual accounts, which are approved by the certified auditor, and also a copy to the Taxation Chambers.

Follow-up of the performance of projects after

commencement of commercial production, or

practice of the service activity

25. The Competent Ministry shall follow-up the performance of projects, and submit reports thereon, to the Minister, every six months, or as the Minister, the Competent Minister or State Minister, may require, during the period of validity of the privileges and facilities; provided that such reports shall include the recommendations thereof, in the light of evaluation of performance of such projects, and extent of abidance thereof, by the conditions of licence.



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