Sudan "the  Small Continent" is named due to its many resources , which are rare in other countries .Sudan is a huge country with fertile agricultural lands , abundant water supplies such as the sweet water of the Nile River running from the South to the North to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Ethiopian highlands, the Blue Nile meets the  White Nile at the "Mogran" and this is an unparalleled feature. This abundance of water supports the irrigated agriculture sector and the Nile tourism, River transport and the fishing sectors in addition to other water sources such as underground water and rain fall.

Mineral resources which represent real support for the economy have entered the export list as from 1999 (petroleum, gold) and have topped the list of FDI attracting activities.

The petroleum and mining sector is still open for investment and whose sources and geographic areas types differ (iron, mica, manganese, copper, silver etc ) and many others which enter into the production of construction materials such as granite and marble in addition to abundant natural resources.

As regards the investment climate, its attractiveness has been documented by international and regional in routine reports and which have proved Sudan's foremost place in FDI attraction between Arab and Africa countries (Second place). This attractive climate supports political stability crowned by the signing of the peace accords in Naivasha and Abuja and the Government is still expending efforts in negotiations in the East with a goal achieving total lasting peace.

On the administrative side, the Ministry has implemented a One-Window-Service system to remove bureaucratic barriers and shorten time periods and unify all channels for investors. In comparing our Investment Act with similar countries we find it to be the best as our Act provides enough guarantees and attractive concessions and facilities and non-differentiation between domestic and foreign investors, similar projects and capital.

We therefore invite you to invest in Sudan trusting in our attraction factors and placing an array of different investment opportunities on our web site which we hereby introduce to you to aid your decision to invest in Sudan. We welcome you as brothers, not guests, and declare our readiness to aid your entering the country, residence and translation of your project to reality.



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